Tomatoes causing low back pain?

by Dr. Carl Amodio on January 2nd, 2013

Probably not too many people would associate low back pain with tomatoes but that is exactly what I found last week.  My patient presented with low back pain that woke her up at night.  First thing I did was check her structurally and there were no segments misaligned.
The beautiful thing about Applied Kinesiology is that it allows you to determine the underlying cause of disease and dysfunction and it turns out that what was causing her back pain was a byproduct metabolite of tomatoes called Alpha Solanine.  My patient was experiencing Solanine toxicity and as such it caused intestinal stress which led to the low back pain.  I proceeded to eliminate the stress reaction and reset the ileocecal valve in her large intestine.  I also instructed her to avoid all nightshade vegetables for the time being (nightshade vegetables are tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and eggplant).  All of these vegetables contain the Alpha Solanine metabolite when they break down in the body.  Many people have reactions to the metabolite but do not show up as being allergic to nightshade vegetables.  The next day the patient told me that they were pain free.

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Glyn Evans - August 26th, 2013 at 4:24 PM
Hi, A few years ago I suffered serious lower back pain and for the life of me could not understand why... until I ate a load of Gardeners delight tomatoes which I had grown my self and the next day I experienced stinging pains and constantly wanted to urinate the following day I experienced terrible pains in my lower back and finger joints.
Recently (23/8/13) I ate a few of the same tomatoes and the with in the next two days, and today, have had exactly the same symptoms..?
I was diagnosed with Coeliacs disease 2 years ago !!

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